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Camillus Heritage aims to become the premier online resource for Camillus Cutlery Company, one of the oldest and best-known cutlery companies in the Unites States.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the legacy of Camillus Cutlery, peruse the initial article on this website: “Camillus Cutlery, A Brief Overview”, as it will give you the opportunity to better understand and relate to all the other articles on this website.

“Those who do not treasure the memory of their ancestors do not deserve to be remembered by posterity.” – Edmund Burke

My father was a car mechanic his entire live. As a result, I grew up between spare parts while listening to my dad’s stories on how he had fixed clients’ cars. So you can imagine that my curiosity for how things are made and for mechanical engineering is in my blood. Combine that with my love for history, and you’ll understand that I became really interested in the rich and fascinating history of Camillus Cutlery when I was doing some basic research on it, a couple of years ago.

While nosing around on the internet, I found many bits and pieces about Camillus Cutlery, but not a one-stop source for it. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to try to fill that gap, with CamillusHeritage.com as a result.

To help cover the expenses of Camillus Heritage, we sell Camillus knives on this website. However, our ultimate ambition is to create a Camillus Cutlery museum in Camillus, NY. It doesn’t have one yet, and it would be the perfect tribute to one of the finest knife manufacturers around.

So when you carry Camillus in your heart and when you want to buy a Camillus knife for whatever reason, click on a link on the right hand side of the website to place your order at Amazon.com. When you purchase one of the many knives Amazon.com has available, between 4 and 6 percent of the amount will be deposited in the Camillus Heritage account. It will be your contribution to a brand new museum and the preservation of a by-gone era that is so important to us.

Finally, without the assistance of several people who provide us with priceless information about Camillus, the outstanding writers who we’ve been able to attract, and the support of family and friends, this website wouldn’t be possible. Thank you all for making this labor of love possible.

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