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The Knives

From the early creations of the late 1800’s to modern Camillus brand knives. From the simple tools that hard working Americans used to help grow and prosper the Country to the fighting irons that helped quell the flow of tyranny in Europe and Asia. You can learn, research and compare vintage jack knives of yesteryear to the latest hi-tech tactical pieces of today.

Felt Advertising Knives post image

Giving away a knife as a form of advertising, is a marketing technique used for many years by most, if not all, knife manufacturers from the early days up until today. No doubt, you have seen such knives on display at knife shows or searched eBay listings for old knives and found, for example, ‘FELT’ Read More

The Original Lone Ranger Knives – “Hi-yo Silver! Away!” post image

One of the best known and most loved knives in the genre of vintage “character knives” is the Camco Lone Ranger knife, made of course by Camillus Cutlery Company. Most of us can likely remember the inspiration for these knives, primarily in the form of the radio, television, and film as well as comic strips Read More

Let Camillus Host Your Next Party post image

For those of you old enough to remember the 1950’s the mere mentioning of the band of celebrities known as the “Rat Pack” conjures up images of Dean, Frankie, Peter, Joey, and Sammy. This hipster group of young trending rascals brought new life to the social scene, fancy parties with all the big name stars Read More