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The People

We cherish the memories of the role past generations played in the development of the Camillus Cutlery Company. Names like Sherwood, Bingham, Kastor, Baer, Wallace and many more built this famous company, but it took thousands of hands to make it a success story. Let’s not forgot those hardworking people by sharing their stories for all of us to enjoy.

The Camillus Dynasty – An Interview with Jim Furgal post image

How often have we lamented over the fact that we missed the fortuitous opportunity to sit down and talk with those that were part of the cutlery industry’s history. How awe-inspiring would it be to spend time with W.R. Case, the Brown Brothers, or even with one of the English or German Master Cutlers from Read More

Edward Primrose – Not Just Another Cutler post image

A handwritten note written by Mary Ellis Maxwell, the author of Among the Hills of Camillus had the following sentence that peaked my curiosity. “Previously a cutler did about all the work on a knife and when a cutler like Mr. Primrose finished a knife, it was certainly a nice job.” Obviously Mr. Sherwood recognized Read More

Sherwood Cutlery knife

Those familiar with the basic history of our beloved Camillus Cutlery have some idea who Charles E. Sherwood was and the role he played in its creation. But as we have learned, there is always more to a story than what traditionally gets told. C. E. Sherwood was a town son and his family had Read More

They Came to “Knife Town U.S.A.” post image

If you enjoy the history of American cutlery companies and those people that made this industry grow from five man operations in a ramshackled building to mega producing factories of one hundred plus employees, it won’t be long before you start recognizing names and places that are repeated regularly amongst the historical information. Looking at Read More